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Being a wedding photographer is like doing pentathlon – it is a complex profession that is full of challenges. Yet, it is also very enjoyable, since you always have to give your very best – just like a sportsperson does – so that the newly weds would be captured by the lens in their very best form. Just like pentathlon that consists of five different sports, your big day is also made up of different photography genres that each must be of excellent quality.

For example, the preparations in the morning or during the day require some good macro, composition and aesthetic photography skills to capture the props (shoes, wedding rings, wedding gown and other outfits as well as the bouquet of the bride) along with the good atmosphere of the preparations, such as doing the make-up, hairdressing and the dressing up. The church and the civil ceremony require good eyes for press photography and quick reflexes to be able to properly document the events at these venues. The actual wedding couple photography is unimaginable without creativity, remarkable portrait photography skills as well as a friendly personality that will make it possible for the joy, happiness and real personality of the couple to be reflected in the images. Group, family and smaller group photos also require excellent portrait photography and communication skills from the photographer so that the very best of the celebrating crowd could be captured.

And when it comes to the dinner and party after the wedding, the photographer has to remain invisible yet persistent to catch the various joyful moments (toasts, congratulations, dancing and partying) without disturbing the participants, and thus provide an honest and genuine recording of the events.

Such qualities – like the talents that are indispensable for any sportspeople to be successful – are inherent in me. I intentionally and continuously develop these skills to be able to create spectacular images that capture the moment, are of extremely high quality and stunning to look at. But instead of just mere words, let the images speak for themselves. Feel free to browse my art, explore my wedding photography and if you are interested, it would be my honour to discuss how your – well, in the plural form as the two of you become one – ideas could be realised on your big day.

Márton Karsai aka Martino

Mount McBride

Mount McBride

Mount McBride is a real mountain (2083m) in the uninhabited and picturesque inner parts of Vancouver Island, in Canada. Since it entails both the pristine natural beauty of the wild and the name of the mountain has “bride” in it, this special place – Mount McBride – has become a real source of inspiration for my wedding photography. My goal is to take images that are based on the emotions of the couple, close to nature and are special, creative and artistic at the same time.


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